Kiss lash glue GOODBYE! And say Hello to your new bestie LATCHLINER!
This is the new way to apply lashes with NO fuss.
We've created a new, beginner friendly method of false application we promise you'll never go back to traditional lash glues.

Our Formula is waterproof, smudge proof AND adjustable, meaning if you dont stick your lashes on right the first time, you have the flexibility to adhere them again until they sit perfect.
Latchliner comes in two colors; black and clear cause versatility is important!

Latchliner is also cruelty-freevegan, non-toxic & magnet & latex-free

 Spend less time fussing about your lashes with this TIME SAVER! The best thing about Latchliner is that you can get your makeup done quicker, just apply your lashes right to the liner... no mess, no magnets and no waiting for anything to "dry down" before you apply.



Apply your Latchliner like you would your regular liquid liner, we recommend using this on clean dry skin, but it is suitable to wear over makeup.
Once you are done applying your Latchliner you can apply your Lashily Eyelash of choice, by using our lash applicator and gently pressing the lash band onto the liner.
Latchliner is not like regular lash glue and works by applying your lashes by using soft pressure when applying your lashes. Pressure actually "activates" the adhesive and bonds your lashes instantly!

REMOVAL| Latchliner wont come off with regular soap and water, because of its ALL DAY WEARABILITY it is best removed with a bi-phase makeup remover or micellar water & a Q-tip. Gently peel your lashes away from the skin from the outer corners inward, and use your favorite makeup remover that is suitable for waterproof formulas.


12+ HOUR HOLD | Dont worry, your lashes arent going ANYWHERE! Latchliner will hold your lashes on for 12+ hours! Even worn alone, Latchliner stays put!

NON-TOXIC & LATEX FREE | It's great for everyone and safe for sensitive eyes. Apply like liquid eyeliner, and you are good to go!

ADJUSTABLE | Remove, or adjust your lashes without ruining your makeup, Latchliner is adjustable even when dry!

CRUELTY-FREE | At Lashily we are Bunny friendly! We DO NOT on animals! Our ingredients are FDA approved.

EASY APPLICATION | Smooth opaque application. Used just like liquid liner, but doubles as your lash adhesive. Could life get any better?

EASY CLEANUP | With not having to pick dried glue off your lashes, Latchliner can give your lashes a lifetime of over 25 applications! We recommend storing your lashes in your Lashily compact to keep away from getting dirty, mishaped or lost. If you want to clean your lashes, take a q-tip dipped in some isopropyl alcohol and gently run the qtip over the lash band to remove any buildup.



 Aqua, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, 2-diol; Xanthan Gum, Protecol PE.