Our Story

Lashily Cosmetics is a brand created by two women with a passion for helping others look and feel their most beautiful...

Our Company is designed for ALL makeup junkies, from the beginners to the established professional. With years of research, trial-and-error and securing the best sourced ingredients for our products, we proudly launched with our introductory products: 3D Silk Lashes & "LatchLiner". These two products have changed the industry.

Meet the Creators...

Makeup Artists and consumers from around the world are raving about this innovative new way to apply lashes. We take pride in being a growing favorite amongst our amazing customers, and thrive on giving top-tier customer service, product knowledge & high-quality products.

Each lash is personally designed by our founder, Amy. Amy has been a Professional Makeup Artist for over 18 years and has taken into consideration all things imperative for "the perfect eyelash". Luxury quality, Custom shapes/styles to suit a variety of eye sizes and personal tastes, comfortable for all day wear, hand crafted to be strong and high integrity... and most importantly: Cruelty Free.

We do not support or condone animal testing or sourcing. Our Lashes are made from the highest quality silk-like fibres that mimic those soft mink lashes, but do not harm any animals in the making!