Our Beauties

Our lashes are loved world wide!
Makeup Artists, Makeup Enthusiasts, Performers, Influencers, The Everyday Lady/Gent...you name it! We are lucky to have our lashes grace the eyes of so many beautiful individuals.

Check out some of our Lashily Babes

Miss International Canada - Tamara Jem

Miss International Canada: Tamara Jem in "SHAWNA"
(Makeup by Julio Silveira)

Beauty Influencer @MadyKennedy Beauty Influencer @MadyKennedy in "Petra"

Floral Nymph Makeup by: Julio Silveira (IG: @jcsilveiramakeup)
"Petra" Lashes

@macaylacarlene Cosplay Queen in "Michelle"

Radio Personality Jasmin Laine
Radio Host with Energy 106fm in Winnipeg Jasmin Laine in "Mandi"

Cosmetic Nurse Katelyn
Cosmetic Nurse Katelyn in "Shawna"

@CanadianSundae - Makeup Artist Extrodinaire in "Michelle"


@Amylee_Artistry - Founder of Lashily in "Ally"

@janaroller in "Creative"

Lashily Managing Partner - @jennifer.park.1 in "Michelle"

Award Winning Nail Artist @AllyGNailArtistry


Hollywood Actress - Mara Marini (@popgloss) Brandi Maxxxx on Parks & Rec