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We're a Canadian cosmetics company founded by an award-winning Makeup Artist driven to introduce top-notch, affordable, and innovative products to the cosmetics industry. Our handmade lashes, crafted from premium synthetic silk, showcase quality like no other.

Enter LatchLiner, our groundbreaking innovation: while imitations abound, none rival the superior PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive) we've specially formulated for it.

And our latest pride? The Luxury Brush set—18 exquisite, velvety-soft, professional-grade makeup brushes designed to elevate your makeup application effortlessly. Lashilys commitment to quality shines through every product. We stand by cruelty-free, toxin-free formulations and packaging that's not just recyclable, but reusable, echoing the lifespan of your lashes!

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We understand that lash application can be overwhelming, but with our innovative LatchLiner, we have made it easier than ever. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, this beginner-friendly technology allows you to quickly and easily apply lashes. Just a simple swipe and you're good to go - no waiting time, no magnets, and no messy glue.