Makeup Melt - Gentle Makeup Remover

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Makeup Melt is a skin-replenishing blend of plant oils that rapidly breaks down your makeup. You should never be rough with the delicate skin around your eyes, and this gentle formula will remove even the most waterproof formulas.

We LOVE our LatchLiner and it’s LONGEVITY.

However, when it comes time to taking it off, soap and water is not going to cut it.

  • Effortlessly removes eye makeup, even long wear and waterproof formulas
  • Made with Vitis vinifera, a powerful antioxidant and cell membrane-protectant ideal for anti-aging skin care (so no need to wash off after removing makeup)
  • Dab on and let sit for a few seconds before wiping, the formula will gently break down the makeup and make removal easy

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