Q: What are the lashes made out of?
A: These lashes are hand made out of a synthetic soft silk fibre, attached to a cotton lash band made for comfort and durability. They are cruelty free and have a gloss finish, that mimic real eyelashes.

Q: What is the difference between Silk lashes and Mink lashes?
A: Well, number one.. they are sourced ethically and dont harm animals in the making! The biggest difference is that Silk lashes have a short taper, meaning the body of the lash is thicker and longer. Unlike mink lashes, they have a glamorous semi-gloss finish and can be worn multiple times because of their strength!

Q: How do I apply them?
A: Check out our instagram! There we break down the easiest way to apply our lashes. Using Latch liner sweep a line of product (in either clear or black) across your lash line, look down into a mirror and attach your eyelashes right to the liner.

Q: How do I remove them?
Gently peel the lashes away from your skin by picking up the outer corner of the eyelash and pulling towards your nose.

Q: How do I keep my lashes clean?
A: Store in your Lashily compact when not being worn. Click HERE for a video on how to clean lashes!
If you are using glue, always gently pick off the old glue before applying new glue. We recommend using a spooly dipped or sprayed with isopropyl alcohol and swipe through the lashes. This removes any bacteria and makeup reside. Apply mascara before your lashes to avoid getting any mascara on the false lashes.

Q: How many times can I wear them?
A: As long as you take good care of them, these lashes can be worn over 30 times!

Q: Can I put mascara on them?
A: It is not recommended to put mascara on your false lashes. Doing so may cause the texture of the lash to change overtime, also the life of your lashes wont be as long. They are much easier to take care of if you avoid putting mascara on them!

Q: They're too big for my eyes! What do I do!?
A: Dont worry darling! Everyones eyes are different sizes and different shapes so in order for them to fit comfortably they may need to be trimmed.
Hold the lash up to your lash line as if you were applying them, press your nail into the lash where it starts to over hang on your lids. Cut the lash band where you have measured and hold up to your eye again. Click HERE to see how!

Q: Does it matter what eye I put them on?
A: Yes, you will notice that naturally your lashes taper from shorter to long, this is how most false lashes are designed as well. Shorter end always goes towards the inner corner of your eye!

Q: I dont like a full lash band, can I cut them into halves?
A: Absolutely, infact... our clients have said they cut the lashes in half and use the inner corners as their outer lash for a more natural look and then use the ends for a more dramatic look! If you dont like the feeling of a full lash band this is an awesome alternative way to wear lashes!