Latchliner Eyeliner Adhesive Pen

 What IS "Latch Liner"?

♥ Its the EASIEST way to wear false lashes...

Basically, an eyeliner & a lash adhesive in one awesome product.

Latchliner uses PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) mixed with liquid liner to make lash application fun and simple. Using this ingredient we've taken the frustration out of applying the correct amount of glue, waiting the perfect time for it to dry, using goopy magnetic liner & only being able to use magnetic specific lashes. 

LatchLiner clear is great for beginners or the makeup lovers that like a more natural look. No pigment. No mistakes!

LatchLiner black is a highly pigmented, sleek black liquid liner that is waterproof and holds your lashes on better then any glue or magnet ever could.

Key Features:
No drying time needed
Freedom to adjust and restick your lashes
Easy to apply
Convenient no mess application
Can use with any eyelashes
No Latex