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 RECOMMENDED FOR: Round, Almond, Downturned, Upturned, Monolid & Hooded eyeshapes.

Fine eyes, perfect from beginning to end.
Michelle lashes make you feel like the boss you are!

These lashes have a soft curl to them to enhance and open your eyes. If your eyelid disappears when you wear lashes then these are for you! Crafted in a way that your lids are still visible, cause who wants to cover up a perfect eyeshadow look with lashes that are too dense? Not us.
Bold, yet, beautiful. Michelle lashes are stunning on every eye size and shape!

These lashes are handcrafted with the finest and softest silk available on the market.

Comfort-cotton lash band makes application hassle free and keeps the lashes flexible enough to move with your eyelids - but tough enough that they can last up to 30+ wears with proper care.

Rose gold compact packaging for convenient storage of your Lashily Lashes!
(store multiple pairs of lashes in one compact! Or use for storing other small objects)

Cruelty Free 🐰