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What is LatchLiner?

Why does it stay sticky? How does it work?


Lets get into it!

To put it simply, LatchLiner uses a new technology called “PSA” (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) that’s the magic behind why you don’t have to wave your lashes around like a maniac for a minute before applying them. 
Unlike traditional glue, LatchLiner uses its PSA ingredients for adhesion and doesn’t require any wait time before applying anything to it.

If you’re like a lot of us and have hooded eyelids this can be tricky because while it offers maximum adhesion, if there is any liner exposed after applying your eyelashes it will have a tacky residue. 
TIP: Apply a regular liquid liner, eyeshadow, or translucent setting powder over the liner and it will remove the tacky feeling if you find it uncomfortable.

Because LatchLiner is waterproof, smudgeproof and long wearing, you may find that regular soap and water doesn't get the liner off. We recommend our Makeup Melt, makeup remover that uses natural oil ingredients (such as ventis vinifera) that break down the product, making it come off easily with little to no rubbing.

Latchliner is not only fantastic for holding on eyelashes but it is great to use as an adhesive to stick embellishments to your skin (such as little rhinestones etc..) just dot it on your skin, and place the object onto the adhesive.

We found the best way to store your latchliner is to place it with the pen tip facing down. This keeps the nib nice and inky so the next time you use your liner it has all the product soaked in!

If your nib gets clogged and has built up makeup, use a bit of micellar water on a non-shedding towel and pinch the tip a few times with the dampened towel. This will remove and build up that has formed on your pen and allow product to properly flow again. (It may take a couple of times if it is really built up) Try not to pull on the nib as this may remove it from the pen.

You will know if you have run out of liner if you press the pen firmly on its side on a hard surface - the product will come out towards the top of the nib, if nothing comes out it could be that you need a replacement!

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