Choosing your perfect Lash

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Choosing your perfect Lash

How many of you have seen a pair of lashes on someone and thought I NEED THOSE, only to get home, put them on and they look NOTHING like they did on the person you were admiring.

Thats because there are many different eye shapes and sizes, and were here to help YOU determine not only your eye shape but also which lashes are best suited for you!

As stated, there are many different eye shapes but we are going to break it down into: Almond, Round, Hooded, Monolid, Upturned & Downturned.

Almond: Yep, you guessed it, your eye shape resembles the shape of an almond. Symmetrical and a noticeable crease.
- This eyeshape is symmetrical so luckily all lash styles are complimentary for an almond eye.

Round: Your eyes have a rounder appearance and you are able to see more of the whites of your eyes.
- To give your eyes a more lifted appearence, we reccommend: Michelle, Ally or Petra!

Hooded: Your natural crease appears hidden when your eyes are open. Your lid is less visible.
- Curling your lashes is important if you have hooded eyes, we recommend: Lori, Mandi, Ally or Petra!

Monolid: Your eyeshape is known to lack a bit of a crease and is typically a bit more flat on the surface.
- Curling your lashes is important if you have hooded eyes we recommend: Mandi, Lori, Lea, Shawna.

Upturned: Your eyes slightly lift towards the outer corner.
- Our lash recommendations for you are: Lori, Mandi, Shawna & Lea.

Downturned: Your eyeshape is curved downward towards the outer corners of your eye.  
- Give your eyes a lift with a tapered flair lash like: Ally, Mandi, Michelle or Lea!

**These are just recommendations based on eye shapes, of course, you can wear anything you are confident in!

Our lashes range from natural to dramatic in this order:
Lori, Mandi, Michelle, Petra, Ally, Lea, Shawna!

Below are some examples of each shape so you can get a better idea of what these shapes are and help you determine your eye shape!



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